Welcome to Manina World

Manina World has been designing events for numerous leading brands, notably in the luxury sector.

We create different & fantastic worlds.

We get inspired by the brands’ philosophy and culture and use that to create interactive and immersive experiences.

Meet The Team



Mabel started her career as a dancer and choreographer for stage, musicals, television shows, and movies. Since 2004, she has been designing events and entertainment for numerous leading brands, most notably in the luxury sector. Mabel was named Best Event Planner in Canada at the 2015 Notable Awards. “We help brands stand out in creative ways. What sets Manina World apart is that we are meticulous when it comes to understanding the needs of our clients and what clicks for their brands. Our strength is our thinking. At Manina World, we bring to the table a truly unique cocktail of expertise in dance, music, cinema, fashion, food, and advertising, which allows us to approach events from unusual perspectives, incorporating elements of fantasy with our signature glamour.” In an age of fragmented media, numerous companies have redirected marketing dollars to events. “Brands can’t just buy ads anymore and expect to reach people in a meaningful way,” noted Mabel.

“This is where our background as entertainers and our expertise in events is becoming invaluable. Our events have become a form of advertising, where consumer experiences can lead to sales.”

Mabel is a passionate visionary and entrepreneur with a keen artistic eye and a deep understanding of her clients intentions and motivations.

Our Collaborators

Jason Noel


Anomal Couture


Amal Afoussi & Steven Cabeleira

Make up artists

Fayol Zer

Production Assistant